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My animals and I have had the pleasure to know and work with Nadia for the last few years, both in person in Texas and over the phone from a different state.

A couple years ago she helped with intuitive dog training and communication for my 7 year old lab, Mia, in person in Texas. Since then, Nadia has made healing recommendations using Bach flower remedies when Mia had experienced a trauma or discomfort. Each time I followed Nadia's advice, and I could feel the subtle yet powerful healing technology of the perfect remedy that Nadia had chosen for that moment.

Most recently, Nadia extended her loving services to me when my new puppy, Jasper was passing away. He was unexpectedly lost and injured, and of course I was in shock and extreme emotional pain. Nadia had been able to pinpoint Jasper's injuries before we even found him the next day to verify them to a T. 

Nadia not only helped to comfort and reassure me during the night of Jasper's passing and the days following, but she also imparted to me priceless messages from Jasper's spirit that I needed to hear to be able to move forward without pain and guilt. She held the space for that healing and letting go to occur, and she did so with a professional but extremely loving nature.  

I am full of gratitude for Nadia's loving heart and extraordinary abilities to communicate with animals, and to help their owners understand on such a real level. I never doubted the messages she was bringing to me from my pets. They resonated so exactly with my specific situation at hand.

I can say with confidence that my mourning of Jasper has been so loving and smooth, and that is undoubtedly because of Nadia's unwavering support and knowledge, as well as her intuitive connection to both Jasper and Mia.

I highly recommend her services for pet healing, communication and training. She is a rare gem.
Thank you, Nadia!

Angela Hardin~Santa Fe, NM

Nadia Herrera

Animal Communication & Healing