Nadia Herrera

Animal Communication & Healing

Animal Communication & Healing Session $75

An Animal Healing & Communication session with Nadia lasts approximately 45 minutes and can be in person or long distance.  Flower essences and/or essential oils may be recommended.

What you can expect:

  • An animal communicates through pictures and feelings. Nadia interprets these messages received telepathically.
  • In addition to messages received directly from your pet Nadia receives psychic information which may include information directly from the soul, the body, or environment.
  • An energetic healing session will be done prior to your session with Nadia where a body scan and important healing takes place.
  • Animals often have soul contracts with us that assist us in healing on our own life path. They can also "take on" health or emotional issues in an attempt to help or mirror those issues to us so that we can see and heal them.
  • Often Nadia will recommend Bach Flower Remedies to assist with energetic or emotional issues and Young Living Essential Oils for physical issues.

Dog Training $45

Nadia is a dog trainer with over 20 years experience including training for drug detection with police dogs. Nadia takes on select clients for one on one training in the comfort of your home.

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