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People all over the world are feeling better and living healthier, happier lives using this effective method,
now your pets can receive the same benefits!

Nadia Herrera is a certified practitioner of the Healing Spectrums technique. After many years of practicing Reiki on animals she now finds herself drawn to practice this new and powerful style of healing in the animals she works with.

University studies have shown that the Healing Spectrums Method enlivens unique brainwave functions that are known to activate and accelerate the body's natural healing processes. This brainwave coherence reduces the level of chaos in the physiology and uncovers the presence of subtle physical anomalies or "artifacts" within the body. The coherence created by the Spectrums reduces the level of chaos in the physiology
 and uncovers the presence of subtle physical anomalies or “artifacts” within the body. These artifacts are not natural elements of the physiology. Created at the time of physical or emotional trauma, artifacts may remain a subtle, yet powerful source for recurring pain, dis-ease, or emotional distress for many years. As these artifacts are revealed and naturally released a process of healing occurs through the increased coherence and integration generated within an animal’s physiology. Simultaneously, animals experience a very deep state of silence followed by a more expanded, peaceful, and clear state of awareness.

Thomas Gates, founder of Healing Spectrums for Health and Wholeness™, is a speaker, author, healing facilitator and workshop leader. He is a contributing author to the Amazon Bestseller “Thank God I…” Volume 2.  As a result of his extensive near death experience many years ago, Thomas discovered that he had an ability to perceive the subtlest layers of physiology and enliven people’s natural healing processes.

Healing Spectrums For Wholeness