Nadia Herrera

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How Can a Session Help?

Making the Transition:

Is your pet getting close to making their transition out of their physical body? Do they know what's going on? Should I assist them by having a vet involved? Get clear on your role and eliminate guilt and fear.

Health Issues:

Energy healing has far reaching benefits for many health issues; help narrow down a problem before a vet visit, ease pain for chronic conditions, eliminate conditions cased by emotional stress, or eliminate a vet visit altogether.

A New Addition:

Adding a new pet to the family can be wonderful but there are times when it's also challenging. Does my new rescued dog have emotional issues I'm unaware of? What do my other pets think? Make it a smooth transition.

Behavior Issues:

Problem behavior can be caused by health, emotional, or mental issues and having a session can pinpoint the underlying causes and assist you in the best course of action. Should a vet or trainer be involved?

Nadia is a powerful animal communicator and healer who works with you to expose the issues that are affecting your pet's body, heart, mind or soul.

With over twenty years experience as a dog trainer, intuitive counselor, animal communicator, and healer, she is ready and able to assist you.